Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Bed Time

Every night my kids go to bed, around the same time, every night they need to brush their teeth, and every night they have to put on pj's.  Sounds simple right? Why is it that every night it's a complete surprise?!? "what? its bedtime? that's NEVER happened before!" They always try every trick in the book of course, "I need this specific toy that I haven't played with in a month, RIGHT NOW!, A glass of water, bathroom, lights on, this blanket, and of course 'the sun is still out'" But once you give them their good night kisses, and "squeeze hugs" and they lay their heads down on those pillows, they are the cutest sweetest things, and you want 5 more minutes with them. (don't worry you will get them, as soon as you walk down the flight of stairs, just as you sit down they will need something again) ... and repeat!


  1. I loathe bedtime! Most of the time it is ok but my oldest and I have had major battles.

  2. I used to have them trained, and its like the older they get the worse bedtime gets...I think I need to crack the whip for a week and get back to how it used to be...sigh