Monday, 21 May 2012

Grocery Shopping

For all those single kid moms out there, you might think its hard to shop with your kid in tote...its not...once you have shopped with 3, shopping with one is a walk in the park.  Shopping alone is now a vacation, I look forward to it, I stroll through, taking my time and enjoying the time off, yeah I am going to squeeze every loaf of bread instead of grabbing the closest one, I might price compare, and usually end up getting everything on the list, instead of bailing half way through because you think you might actually throw your own temper tantrum right there in the cereal isle...Shopping with 1 kid is enjoyable, you can treat them if they behave, and you can still contain them when they miss behave, while getting your groceries.  2 kids start presenting a issue, if one misbehaves you can still handle it, if both start misbehaving people start staring, but the fearless (ultimately frustrated) mother you are, you press on, with a "this too shall pass" chant.  Now for shopping with 3, your completely out numbered, and they have started a pack mentality, most shopping carts have one seat, some 2, at least one is running around like the feral child they are.  You grab the basics, not looking at nutritional value, just bang for your buck,  and hope that when you're home you can slop together an acceptable meal.  A daycare in your local grocery store...just a thought!

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  1. I know how you feel! It can be so fun and so hellish at the same tim.